Trinitaires n°10-12


As for the 2011 season, I still do a kind of  “action-typography” for the quaterly programs,  processed when client call for the new work…

n°10. Chocolate & fingers session

january to march 2012 quaterly program.
When client contacted me for the new quaterly program, there was nothing special happening around me so I decided to talk about my relationship with him (in Comic Sans) with the first thing I can see: my hands.

 » Mon copain Trinitaires de Metz, il est chouette. Ensemble, on fait la bagarre, on fait des blagues, on fait des slows, c’est le pied ! Je l’aime, je l’adore. »

translation :  » My friend Trinitaires from Metz city is cool. Together, we fight, we have fun, we have slow dances, that’s great (feet in french)! I love him. I adore him ».

n°11. Wine & V.I.P.

April to june 2012 quaterly program.
When client contacted  me for the new quaterly program, it was a special in my city. High school students were dressed up for a kind of carnival, « Les perçants »,  to celebrate  in the streets, the 100 last days before their final graduation. I just did the same with the few things I could find in my room : a wig, some glasses, a cap, black waterpaint to dress up myself as famous people. I slighty changed the rules: no action-typography but an action-photography serie is improvised.

n°12. Violet & Metz

September to december 2012 quaterly program.
When client contacted  me for the new quaterly program, I illustrated points of interest in the City of Metz by assembling objects lying on my shelves. All is based on touristic information I read on the official City of Metz website. The sentence is about the scientific weather typology of the city.

 » La ville de Metz bénéficie d’un climat océanique dégradé »
translation :  » Metz city has a faded oceanic climate »