The big drama / Sometimes shit happens


The project The big drama / sometimes shit happens is the addition of two realities, two ways of expressing human feelings. It confronts the lyrical vision of human behaviours through the eye of popular entertainment to the raw reality of individuals expressing their rough intimacy. On the underlayer, The big drama is a set of black and white pictures focusing on faces, cropped from a cheap chinese photo-novel. They are printed on raw and thin paper and have a big grain due to the multiple bad quality images process.
Those pictures are covered with Sometimes shit happens, a set of color pictures, printed on smaller glossy papers. This second layer focuses on body parts and attempts to express individual tragedies from body language.
Although The Big drama is more about acting and Sometimes shit happens is getting closer to the skin and reality, both sets of images are a catharsis of human emotions. Each one completes the other vision and help to embrace the complexity of the subject.

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