Orchestre National de Lorraine 10/12 seasonal communication.

The annual program is a 96 pages book printed with Pantone colors on recycled paper.
The cover is round cutted on the corner and shorter than the inside leaflet.
The yellow pages contains global information and white pages the concert program.
An antislash sign « \ » replaces the letter « N » in the name of the orchestra as a reference to the maestro stick. It gives a global rythm to the book.
Letters « O », « \ » and « L » are randomly used to pin pictures on the pages of the book as on the concert posters.
A special script has been used to rasterize all pictures (diagonal stripes) and stick them on the global pace.

ONL is related to the Arsenal venue in Metz. We had to develop the annual communication of the two entities with a subtile coordination : they got to look very similar but not to be confusing. They can be merged for the common events.