The black book

THE BLACK BOOK, a catalog about Strange Air in The Night, an artistic meeting between France and South Korea.


  • 100 pages
  • Printed on recycled and Chromolux papers in cmjn + pantone 2755
  • Sewed, rounded corners
  • The book has been designed like a traveller’s notebook
  • The flyleaf is a simple nigth sky printed on glossy Chromolux paper that contrasts with recycled papers of the cover and leaflet.
  • Symbols of the two countries (yin and Yang / Lorraine cross) and a mysterious pyramid are the only graphic elements, they are printed on pages separating sections and on the cover.
  • A hole is drilled all across the book. It symbolizes cultural differences between the two countries as it erases some words and disturbs reading… It can be read as a moon in the nigth of the cover. This black hole is also a metaphorical representation of the fear and mysteries of getting in a foreign culture.
  • Pages numbers are written in both languages to afford possibility to learn numbers in french and korean
  • Margins are the place for secondary information as small interviews of the artists, artists names and make information quite easy to find.

Designed in collaboration with Frederic Rey.