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Workshop with students of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy.

Startem is a business student competition.
The art school students and I designed all the graphic system for the final show : stickers, trophies, invitation cards, motion graphics for the stage screens and a vote system based on playcards.

We created a system based on a playing card game.

  • Each card is associated to a team of student, a very simple symbol, a name and a color.
  • The public has playing cards in hands and by the end of the show, they can vote for their favourite team by playing associated card.
  • The seven cards symbols are used like a tangram to create motion graphics, interactive vote system and the two trophies.
  • The trophy is composed by 7 separated plates that are assembled in a plastic box. It only exists when the 7 plates are gathered together as the team members.